Friday, September 25, 2009

Portraits 365 #263

Take a portrait.   Every single day.  For one year.

September 21, 2009
Darren Katin
25 years old
Hometown - Milpitas, CA
2009 is alright.

Marianna Whang
41 years old
Hometown - San Francisco, CA
2009 is my time to shine.


  1. Great shots! I know these two and you really captured them.

  2. Awesome portraits of two fantastic artists/photographers. It's weird that I've known Darren and Marianna for awhile now but you captured them in such a different way and gave us a view coming from an outsider. Absolutely love your portraits of them. You got Marianna's infectious humor, smile, wild side and but also her serious side. You also got Darren's always willingness to pose for other photographers along with his talent when taking photographs.

  3. Wonderful! Marianna & Darren seem very relaxed, natural and totally pro photographers! Their camaraderie is natural & joyful. Also, you beautifully caught that Marianna eyeing-the-photo-just-over-the-horizon look and Darren at his most uber concentrated. congratulations!

  4. Such great images of Marianna and Darren. Thanks for doing this. I'm so glad you included them in your project. Both great people and photographers.

  5. It was great meeting you, Mercedes. And I have more photos of you shooting me. I love being spontaneous. And what an incredible day of shooting. Good to meet more Woman photographers with a lot of Soul and Gumption. Fun to be in front of the lens. Beautiful portrait project! Incredible dedication and fervor in showing the inner spirit of all kinds of people.