Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Portraits 365 #326

Take a portrait. Every single day. For one year.

November 22, 2009
Henry Parsons
19 years old
Hometown - Berkeley, CA
2009 is the best year of my life.


  1. the coloring just pops in your pictures.

  2. He's adorable! Congrats on being a Blog of Note! I was featured there a few days ago and have been checking out the other blogs of note.

    Love your portraits!

  3. Your picture is so cool! :D
    I like it!

    Keep photographing!

  4. i just discovered this genius blog. i never look at the blogs of note, and the one time i did, the first time i have ever done, this is what i find. this is the coolest thing ever! congratulations, on making blog of note and on having such an awesome thing going. :)